Solving a Well-Entrenched Problem


Our objective at Switch Healthcare is as simple as it is revolutionary – to deliver better value to employers and better health to their employees.

The following graph capsulizes why our use of the word revolutionary is not hyperbole.

Healthcare value is not getting better. In 2015, the total U.S. health expenditure increase was 5.8%, the highest since 20071.

The poor status of our health makes these cost escalations even more concerning. Our life expectancy, a proxy for general health status, compared to the rest of the world continues to drop.2, 3, 4

Although the factors underlying high costs and poor health are multiple – the results are indisputable – decades of improvement efforts by government, employers, and provider organizations have failed.


When referring to the potential to change huge systems, Buckminster Fuller employed the metaphor of turning a huge ocean liner around with its rudder’s small trim tab.

The trim tab at Switch Healthcare is our laser focus on catalyzing better individual health decisions.

We are cultivating four areas of expertise to enhance our effectiveness in improving personal decisions:

  1. Focused member-centric change strategies,
  2. Synergistic integration with on-going patient/clinician relationships,
  3. Critical analysis and reframing of both medical and consumer-related health information, and
  4. Effective employer collaboration.

Each area is an integral part of determining and executing the “best next step”, one of our primary drivers in achieving successful change.

Given our country’s political and financial realities, the urgency for a private sector solution for health has never been greater.

We seek employers with the energy and commitment to be an active partner in Switch Healthcare’s  approach to enhancing the value of healthcare.

Breakthrough To Better,

1US healthcare tab hits $3.2T
2America is number 50 out of 55
3United States vs France
4Healthcare spending and life expectancy


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