Don’t Give Up Your Shot


“Not Throwing Away My Shot” is the opening line of the rousing song “My Shot”  in the amazing musical, Hamilton.

As the lyrics of “Shot” suggest, Hamilton was relentless in making the most of his opportunities:1

  • He was born a bastard in the West Indies, orphaned at age 13.
  • By age 15, he was the manager of a flourishing import-export firm.
  • A benefactor gave him money to enroll in King’s College in New York City.
  • Early in the Revolutionary War, Hamilton established his valor by leading a charge that captured key British cannon in Manhattan.
  • His prodigious writing and mental decisiveness made him General Washington’s most trusted aide during the war.
  • He was the first Secretary of the Treasury, driving far-sighted policies that supported a unified America over a loosely bound confederacy of states.

Hamilton’s clear vision became a powerful force in George Washington’s cabinet. He crafted positions that moved the US away from what Alexander envisioned as grave policy mistakes – getting pulled into Europe’s warring squabbles, granting too much power to the states, and establishing America as an agrarian rather than as an up and coming industrialized power.

But the never-say-die lyrics, “Not Throwing Away My Shot,” turn ironically tragic. After Alexander accepts a duel he then, as the story goes, honorably wastes his shot above his opponent’s head, while Aaron Burr took deadly aim and kills Hamilton, a passionate husband and the loving father of seven living children.

The play with its gripping storyline and sheer artistic power instills audiences with a heightened sense of patriotism. Given the current political scenario, where does one direct such energy?

At Switch, we take our “shot” at the large gap between the best available scientific evidence and status quo health-related decisions.

In the US, this gap is responsible for well over 200,000 premature deaths, over $750 billion in unnecessary healthcare costs, and millions of potentially averted chronic disabilities every year.2 For our team, this work is pure, patriotic stewardship.

If you feel compelled to do more than just authorize ever larger amounts of your annual budget to healthcare, Switch can work with you to provide your company’s best shot at a healthier future.

Breakthrough To Better,

1Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
2Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation


Switch Conversations informs business leaders on the “whys”
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