Transformational Courage


Step 1 – Start with what’s true

Before writing this Conversation I pondered the question, “What more do we need to do to solve the problem of medical care in America?” On reflection, the answer that popped up and would not go away was that we needed more courage.

 “Thus courage – or its absence – determines all outcomes.”

This quote comes from Gus Lee’s book, Courage: The Backbone of Leadership. According to Lee, courage plays a pivotal role in achieving significant change. Raw courage, as depicted by the lemmings rushing over the cliff, is ineffective. Commentarial courage, illustrated by “The End Is Near” comment on the sign, is also ineffective.

What I want to explore in this and the next four Conversations is transformational courage in the context of effective change. Such courage may be best identified retrospectively by its results. Some of the renowned individuals whose lives defined transformational courage include Joan of Arc, Jesus, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Lincoln, and Gandhi.

Transformational courage is naturally collaborative because it fulfills the human passion for freedom and naturally confrontational because it attacks what is unacceptable with the status quo.

Step 1 – Start with what’s true

Anchoring one’s courage with the truth can prevent lemming-like actions that may be popular, but wrong-headed.  To keep us grounded, here are five facts about health in America:

  1. The status of our health ranks at the bottom of the developed world.
  2. Life expectancy is improving at a faster rate in all the other 34 countries in the OECD compared to the US.
  3. There are over 100,000 prescription drug deaths from adverse drug reactions in the US annually (this does not include abuse or overdoses).
  4. Per capita costs of healthcare in the US are over twice that of the rest of the developed world.
  5. It takes an average of 17 years after the discovery of a new clinical finding before it becomes the standard of care.

Taken in aggregate, these truths support the inescapable conclusion that medical care in the US is failing its customers.  There are factors other than healthcare contributing to these poor outcomes, but when we spend a sixth of the economy on healthcare, getting a better bang for those bucks is key to the solution.

This conclusion, along with the quote “… courage – or its absence – determines all outcomes” certainly suggests that healthcare could benefit from a larger dose of courage.

In the next few Conversations we will explore just how true this is.

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